Okes (pronounced as one syllable with a long 'o') is a slang term for ok/okay, originating in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It is used when something is satisfactory or acceptable. See link below for full definition:
"Is that okes with you?"

–"Hey, get me a root beer"

"The Shawshank Redemption was better than okes."

"You may have taken my rook but that's okes because now i can take your pawn with my knight and put your queen and bishop into a fork."
by Dr. Roflcop June 17, 2012
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The Youtube mime with a girl filming a banana plantage, then films a black guy who is smiling wide. Then she says: "Hi" and he answers: "Oke". It is often refered to by Youtubers.
Hi, oke
I love girls, oke
I hate school, oke
by Honnyhenny September 26, 2016
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β€œOke” is just another way of saying β€œOK” , β€œOKAY” , β€œKK” , β€œK” or β€œKAY”

If you say β€œOke” it’s normally pronounced β€œOh - kee” but in text, it is spelled β€œOke” as seen before :)
David: β€œHey, Bob, can you get me a can of Mountain Dew?”
Bob: β€œOke!”
by Nagito Simp 123 December 27, 2020
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Its a fucking name dipshit and its not pronounced okay its ock like in rock or flock and eh like in meh . thank u I am now at peace
by You know my name πŸ˜‚ August 20, 2018
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