Used when something is mildly disappointing, but not enough to obsess about.
"I can't go out for cocktails Friday night." "Oh well."
by moosedog July 12, 2006
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Not caring about something.
Susie:Your house is on fire!
Bob:Oh well
by TheWiggidy April 19, 2004
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Used when someone doesn't care, often when they're in a down sort of mood.
"I flunked my math final today... oh well..."
by sqxx April 13, 2005
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Showing not much interest towards a situation or event that has happened or may happen.
"Sorry man i lost your wallet"
"Oh well, goes to show what kinda things happen when i trust you..."
by Alastor December 14, 2004
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'oh, well' is an interjection that means 'i could not care less.'
i spent my girlfriend's birthday money at the strip club. oh, well. she's maxed out my texaco card!
by John December 7, 2003
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Something that is upsetting but you just have to deal with it
Jessica: Ashley you have huge labias!!
Ashley: Oh well..
by jajaleigh June 12, 2010
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Used when you don't know if it's the end of the conversation or if it is the end of a conversation but you don't want things to seem awkward
"Haha yeah. Oh well..."
by Kool.kid May 23, 2017
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