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Oh My Goth! is a comic book by cuban artist Voltaire. It's basically poking fun at the gothic subculture, which is far too easy and cliche, but he manages to pull it off in a very humorous and clever way. If you say "oh my goth" in place of "oh my god/gosh" on a regular basis in any sense ever, you are a moron.
Oh, my goth! I'm so depeched, I need the cure.
by smackdaddydave September 28, 2004
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An annoying phrase that means "oh my gosh." Some goths say it because they think it's funny and cute, although in reality they need to be beat over the head with a brick.
Like, oh my goth, someone stole my Peter Murphy collection!
by The mysterious J January 19, 2004
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a person with a lisp trying to say 'oh my gosh!'
oh my goth thothe pant-ths are tho thethy =
by ekv October 18, 2007
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1.An exclamation typical of the n00b-goth culture that causes copious bleeding from the ears when heard uttered within close proximity.
2. The Razed in Black song. Despite the phrase (which is written in irony), it is kickass, as everything ever written by RIB is kickass.
1. Did you see that new compilation by Projekt they're selling at Hot Topic, Azrael? Like, oh my goth, I'll have to get it along with my dollar-store black eyeliner!
2. Wow, another Oh My Goth remix? I think we're up to number 54 now.
by weirdointhecorn August 08, 2005
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To be said when given extreme pleasure by a goth categorized more by taste in music, not in dress through sexual acts.
by Allison January 14, 2004
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