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It means "on foe and nem"

or swear on my enemies, foes and nems
"ofn my bro slide in Draya's dms!" " oh word? she quote him a price?"
by IamMerp August 24, 2016
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On Fo'Nem: Meaning that whatever you say you put on your Folks and them.
internet thug: ofn i'm finna beat yo ass nigga
friend: yo i hear Laysiana finna be at the party tonight
me: boyy ofn ima fucc da bitch
by DatNiggaWithDaBigDick May 31, 2017
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OFN means, "Old Fucking News" meaning, GET WITH THE FUCKING TIMES!
"Hhahaha, did you see t his totally l33t flash?"

"OFN Loser by like a year."
by Kuriin August 17, 2004
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On foe nem. Which means on whatever city they from
"Ofn imma beat tf outta that nigga
by Yummybitch February 21, 2017
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OLD FUCKING NEWS; When somebody shares an image, link, video etc on the internet that has been viral for several years and they treat it like some new discovery.
"Hey check out this silly picture of a cat asking for a cheeseburger!"

"...OFN bro."
by m4d_m3l December 12, 2013
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