Ridiculous ebonic slang gone overboard. A mutation of a mutation. i.e. "off the hook" and all of the -izzle nonsense combined to make a new and extraordinarily retarded phrase.

A mild example of this sort of double mutation would be like coining the word "Wazzigga" to mean "Whazzup, Nigga?"
Dumbass1: Yo, Wazzigga!?
(Hello there. What is up, my friend?)
Dumbass2: You're Off the Heezie Phascheezie!
(I love you.)

by Ewolfe357 August 2, 2006
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A variation (different way of saying)of off the chain. This term can also be associated with "fo sheezie my neezie" hence the term off the heezie. I guess everyone just figured "Off the chain" and "Fo' sho my nigga" were getting pretty old so people decided they had to update it a little. ya know make it ryhme, sound a little better.
Mike: "Yo I hit up the cub last night, fine hoes all up in that bitch"
Mike's Friend: "Word son? We hittin that shit up again tonight"
Mike: "Fo sheezie my neezie, it's finna be off da heezie"
by Brandy November 19, 2004
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The mids plug for sure. He be strapped up and will hit da lic for da mid pack. However, he always be swagged out and will still eat your bitch booty, even after putting ridiculous amounts of mids in her system
I was just chilling with O'sheezy off da heezy, and let me tell you, I never seen so much mids in my life
by Mikeysling3 March 21, 2023
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Whatever my friend Brooke-izzle says
Me: where are we going?
Brooke-izzle: Your house cuz its off da heezy
Chels: your mom!
by Meg-E February 18, 2004
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