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Born in 1984. A totally and upmost loser from Pittsburgh, PA who loves teen late 90s-early 00s teeny bop pop music. Nsync is his favourite band of all time.

Although he weighs only 140lbs and has the face of Marshall Mathers, octi did not graduate from high school, has no job and lives off his mom.

His biggest pet peeve is raped .sfv files. Want to make little octi cry? Send him a raped .sfv file.
if I don't find the original sfv file to this Nsync cd single from 1999, i am gong to CRAZY!
by Luna January 15, 2005
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A lame ass fucker who listens to his parents fucking, not on purpose, but for fun.
octi: "dude i only listen to that shit for fun, like if im bored and buzzed, ill go up to that door, and listen in."
by mcluvin December 06, 2007
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octi that lil f*g from the state of PA.
he is a f**kcikn leech.
i am octi. i am a leech. add me add me now. i have nothing to offer in return. i am leet.
by DRUGGY April 19, 2005
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the man, the myth, the legend.
hated by many, loved by few.
a wannabe badboy hailing from "the burgh".
a dumbass teenager that drives his honda civic all day and spends his mom's lifesavings on modifications.
an insult to the normal hard working american.
a parasite, a leech, a pedophile.
yo u see that hot ass 14 year old i fucked in my tricked out civic last nite? bitch just graduated junior high, kinda old for my taste
by clit April 11, 2005
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i am octi. i live in PA and i am pretty much a lamer.
my name is octi and i have a mandy moore all instrumental LP
by luna April 11, 2005
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Severely underrated and overly abused, this cat struts his shit how he wants, when he wants and with whom he wants. Is known to be a top listing on most Bitches speed dial, especially in YOUR neighbourhood.

Respect should always be shown to this cat or his Italian family connections will have your father killed, your sister pimped, your dog stuffed and mounted up on his wall and your mom packin his groceries. The f#ck you think's gonna happen to you?

Does not subscribe to the saying: "The best things in life are free." Instead, follows a more biligerent methodology: "The best things I got used to be up your sisters's twat."

Frequently seen wearing a Benwa-Ball necklace and matching arm band.

Occasionally plays squash on public courts while dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.

Prefers the crooning of Aaron Carter and anybody else white to Tupac Shakur and all other darkies.

Practices ballet in hopes of meeting his childhood idol: Barney The Dinosaur
Examples of octi's:

-OJ Simpson
-Adam Brody
-Tom Jones
-Bobby Brown
-JC Chasez
-Chad Moretti
-Nick Carter
-Aaron Carter
-Neil Patrick Harris
by Havent Bin Laden Tooyeers April 12, 2005
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