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A small instrument that plays mostly like a flute. Link in Zelda: Ocarina of time used one for various reasons. Real ocarinas are only a few inches long, but still can create a tapestry of beautiful music. There's also an online store where you can get your own ocarina called
by Insanity Gundam Zero February 17, 2005
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A wind instrument.
Most Ocarinas consist of a mouthpiece, a chamber with holes and a labium.
An Ocarina makes sound just like a whistle does: Air is blown through a mouthpiece and hits a thin, sharp edge, (called the labium) creating a very pure and clear sound. The frequency of the tone can be altered by covering or uncovering the holes of the chamber.

The modern ocarina usually comes in two styles:
*Transverse: 8 - 12 holes, fingering similarities to the recorder. (Ex, the ocarina of time, from the Zelda game with the same name)

*Pendant style: Small, often weared as necklaces, has 4 - 6 holes. (The cheap peruvian ones from markets)

Variations of the ocarina are the oldest known instruments that created actual tones.

In especially USA, ocarinas are uncommon, and many people have only came in contact with them through their appearance in the game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

This leads many to believe that it is a fictional instrument that the game company Nintendo made up. And that the only live ocarinas that most people have heard is being played as a gimmick by video game fans.

Ocarinas are much more known in Asia, where they a status as a classical instrument.
Musician: I play the Ocarina.
Hipster: Dude, I love the legend of Zelda, I play it on Nintendo 64, IN 2012!!!
Musician: I play i for real though, fancy some traditional folk tunes?

New to the ocarina: Is that a real instrument?
Me: Yeah, check out David Ramos, under the pseudonym Docjazz 4, on Youtube.
by Flonas97 November 06, 2012
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A small, beautiful wind instrument that no one would have ever heard of without the shameless promotion of video game company Nintendo in their amazing Legend of Zelda series, which first advertised its radical epicness in Ocarina of Time released in 1997.
by UnrestrictedSanity December 15, 2013
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A piece of bread most commonly used in the 1600s to soak up bread with during the Salem witch trials. It was said to be an object of sorcery which led the hanging of many ignorant people.
He gently placed the Ocarina on the floor and watched as it sucked up the liquid she had spilled upon the marble floor.
by Magic Man23453 July 02, 2012
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