A place of biased critics that bash good games and promote bad games.

Some ignorent gamers swear by Metacritic.

They also review movies, T.V and Music.

They are biased beyond belief.
Idiot: "Dude, metacritic gave Black Ops an 87 out of 100."

Intelligent Person: "You do know that the critics are payed to love the games that suck, like Black Ops"

Idiot: "That is not true just because like every critic on metacritic gave this game a 100 does not mean they were payed too"

Intelligent Person: "And pretty much every real gamer that played it said it sucked or was just OK, don't you see somthing is fishy?"

Idiot: "I see no fault in metacritic, it is perfect"

Intelligent Person: "You're a drone, you know that, right?"

Idiot: "Yes I do."
by BellaKazza December 29, 2011
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