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The quite obvious fact that an event happened right before your eyes, yet some jerk has to scream "did you see that!?!'
John had the obviosity to point out the apparent balloon that had just popped.
by surajr. May 06, 2011
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Obviosity is used to describe a situation where a person lays a trap or tells a lie in earnest but the trap/lie is so obvious it's stupid.
1: A lie.
Guy 1: "I just killed twelve super dragons and made them into burgers." (An actual attempt at lying.)
Guy 2: "That statement is riddled with obviosty. You couldn't kill a super dragon if you tried AND there' only ten super dragons in existence."

2: A trap.
Guy 1: "Alright! The guard left his post for lunch and there's the top secret information just sitting there unlocked and unprotected."
Guy 2: "This is sooo obviosity"
by Halted Progress June 16, 2009
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