The word used for explaining long stints of blank thoughts.
Girl: Are you even listening to me?
Boy: Oh, i'm sorry, i was totally Oblonging.
by StuckWithExcuse July 15, 2011
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Literally, the only "Oblong" in the U.S.
Used to be named Henpeck, Illinois.
It’s so small that it can't even be called a town or city, but a village.
The high school has about 140 kids. There is quite a bit of diversity of character for such a small town. However, the population is primarily white. There are maybe 5 African American students at the high school, and no Asians or Latinos at all.

When it comes to sports, the high school is pretty lame.
The only thing they've really got going for them is Cheerleading and Math Team.
Football and basketball aren't the greatest.
The elementary school is newly remodeled in 2003 and houses the preK-8th graders. The closest College is Lincoln Trail Community College in Robinson, Illinois.
The housing is fairly cheap, and there is a lot of land for new homes.
It’s a large farming community known for the largest nighttime parade in Illinois. There are 5 options for food if you choose to eat out or get carry out: Main Street Diner, restaurant at Harmon's, and Pizza & More, and the gas stations Casey's, and Check Mart for pizza and quick food.
1600 residents
Dollar General
Oil Field Museum
Video Rentals
5+ Churches
3+ Tanning stores
Grocery Store (IGA)
Flower Shop
3 Banks
4+ Hair and Beauty parlors
Used furniture

Feed and Seed

Car Wash
Auto Parts Store
Hallmark Store/Pharmacy
And the miscellaneous stuff mentioned earlier
And that's basically it for Oblong, Illinois
The town was so small it was compared to the Village of Oblong in Illinois.
by SummerXyay February 8, 2011
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A person who follows, shares and likes the content of oblong reels.
Being a oblonger is dope as hope.
by Kazi Nemu December 23, 2021
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To have mad rep.

To have reputation.
Yo that G has mad oblongs
by Bones"thug"n"harmony November 26, 2006
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Just like the name implies, a cock that's oblong. It is thick at the tip, from which the shaft tapers to the base, much like a Louisville Slugger.
"I watched a video of this hot bitch brushing her teeth, in the nude, which was great until the camera panned down to show the he/she's oblong schlong whirling around like a propeller. The horror! The horror!"
by Nosefuckers Incorporated December 15, 2012
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Also known as a "Gay" "Queer" "Homosexual" and many other terms. It referes to homosexual men who feel the need to use limp wrist gestures to express themselves.

The term Oblong User originates from the use of a computer system called "Oblong". Oblong Users, are required to wear gloves which control the computer system with gestures. Making the user appear very limp wristed and effeminate.
by TheBakes February 19, 2010
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