The original latin translation was "leaf shaped", the spanish used it to mean shaped like a cigar or elongated circle. The British used it to mean rectangle or elongated square.
The USA uses the Spanish translation, meaning cigar shaped.
Oblong as used by the British would mean rectangle.
Oblong as used by the Spanish or Americans would mean elongated circle or cigar shaped.
by Mike Gracey October 07, 2007
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The feeling of brain fog: specifically the feeling of a rectangular foreign object in the mind.
' Im feeling oblong today'


answer: 'oblong'
by oblong55022 April 10, 2021
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Literally, the only "Oblong" in the U.S. and it used to be named Henpeck, Illinois.
It’s so small that it can't even be called a town or city, but a village.
It’s kind of a faming community.
The high school has about 140 kids. There is quite a bit of diversity of character for such a small town. However, the population is primarily white. There are maybe 5 Black students at the high school.

When it comes to sports, the high school is pretty lame. The only thing they've really got going for them is Cheerleading, Softball, and Math Team.
The elementary school is newly remodeled in 2003 and houses the preK-8th graders. The housing is fairly cheap, and there is a lot of land.
The closest shopping mall/large city is an hour away and there are 5 options for food if you choose to eat out or get carry out for dinner.
It is about one square mile with a population of 1600. Recently got a Dollar General (β€œThe Mall” to the towns people)
The biggest attractions are the county fair in July (famed for the demo derbies) and the Fall Follies in October (biggest night time parade in Illinois).
1 - "So, where are you from?"
2 - "Oblong, Illinois!"
1 - "Where?"
2 - "*sigh* a small town in southeastern illinois."
1 - "Oh, cool."
by SummerXyay June 23, 2011
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A rectangle with a rounded end like Aimee-louise Kings head.
Aimee, Your head is like a oblong
by unknown user1000 February 15, 2021
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