Someone or something that is slow-moving or inactive. Lacking energy, slow to respond or make progress.
I woke up this morning feeling extremely sluggish.
by Allimarie0887 January 5, 2019
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moving at a really slow speed
We're not going anywhere in this sluggish traffic.
by Jujurocs May 12, 2008
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That one friend on ps4 who’s pretty good at games and was or is texting your girl
On 2k22 Sluggish was texting and giggling
by Imsosorryisentthatdpick July 3, 2022
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She didn't put much effort into how they appear in public anymore they are looking a little sluggish
by Laiiced February 1, 2020
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The high from a slug (a promethazine coated cigarette).
"I'm feelin pretty pimpish."
"I'm feelin pretty sluggish after that slug."
by Kody Will Kyle Emily April 18, 2009
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wet or soggy..
can refer to anything.. pussy.. weather..
"Sluggish like a wet sponge"
- Airplane
by dazed+confused chick October 11, 2004
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An alcoholic beverage typically drank after a near death experience partying with your crew. Made in a pint glass the drink contents include a light domestic beer, a shot of Vodka and a splash of Orange Juice. The original consisted of Bud Light, Titos Vodka and some shitty OJ.
"I escaped the night but I didn't escape being a piece of shit, time for a sluggish rubbish."
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