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Someone who looks like a nut/behaves like a nut. See absolute nut.
Person A: Fucking hell that serbian cunt just ragequit.
Person B: No shit Sherlock
Person A: Fuck about! We're still losing!
Person B: What the FUCK is your problem!? FUckin NUT, fucking NUTSTER!!!
Person A: Jones BIGASS truck rental and storage
by Nutster March 19, 2009
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adj: describes something that is both funny, yet embarrassing and possibly also kinda stupid. Mainly occurs when trying to be cool, but things go awry. cringe worthy.

noun: nut
Friend: "Did you ever notice that michelle develops a fake country accent when she drinks, esp in front of guys?"
girl: "yeah, it was so stupid sounding. i felt bad for her, but it was also funny. seriously nutster"
friend: "yeah, total nut".

friend: "i tried some new make up today at work but i realized later that it looked really stupid. i tried to do cat-eyes with eyeliner and i swear it looked good when i left the house. I even talked to a cute guy and i later gave a presentation to like 20 people. i feel like the biggest nut. "

sister: "ha! you freaking nut! but thats sad dude, sorry"
by Unluhouse April 16, 2013
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