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Tommy threatened to kill himself, so they put him in the nut hut for two weeks.
by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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1. ultra tight and short fitting male swimwear commonly seen in European countries, American gay communities, and outside of southern California.

2. also see: speedo or banana hammock.
"No way! I'm not wearing that nut hut to the beach!"
by sans name July 5, 2007
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A group of three rad girls livin’ life to the fullest in a sick tricked out mansion.
Yo yo yo we are goin’ to the nut hut.
by Squadtrolls August 31, 2018
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A pornography store. a lot of the time having a shady "air" about it. Flashy signs outside.
Man. i'm alone tonight so i'm gunna make a trip to the Nut Hut
by Jesus XVI February 25, 2009
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Used as a general descriptor for men's underwear regardless of whether the garment in question is a pair of briefs, boxer shorts, etc. It's important to note that one cannot "go commando" and say they have a "nut-hut"; however, the defintion could be expanded to include athletic supporters (i.e. "jockstraps")
Rather than saying "It's hot out today and my balls are rather moist," one now has the option of stating "It's so hot today there's a sweat lodge in my nut-hut." This usage is equally valid whether the speaker is wearing underwear and/or an athletic supporter.
by Sara F September 14, 2007
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another name for men's boxers. for women a bra is called over the shoulder bolder holder.
if a girl bra is called over the shoulder bolder holder, then what is a boy's boxers called? under the butt nut hut?
by DeathByBuda December 9, 2011
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