the secret codeword for one of those full body massages, where the japanese lady rubs her gelled up body all over the guy getting the massage. it is not known if this exists in real life or is just a gimmick pornos use.
Hey Carl, I wonder if those nuru massages I see on youporn are real. I sure would like one of those.
by Dirty Joe McGee September 28, 2009
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A Nuru Massage.
A massage performed on an inflated mattress by a woman in the nude who uses lots of oil.
Often ends up with the participants having sex for money.
"That mean cafe hag sure has a weird business name... I wonder if she gives Nurus to pay the bills?"
by 1337 EDGE LORD December 8, 2022
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Nuru is an amazing girl pretty and funny, the best human you will find. They are always there for those who need them and are HOT. Nuru's are also a 10/10 in bed. 🔥They are also girlfriend material.
by Girlyz November 23, 2021
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Nuru can be used as a nickname for a very funny, kind friend that means a lot to you. If you call someone Nuru, it means they are one of your closest friends and you always got each other's back no matter what happens.
by Froot Shoot August 21, 2020
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A young man that isn’t very tall but very handsome and sexy. He has an average of an 8 inch dick and is a killer in bed. Nuru is so hot and he will take yo bitch, and he keeps his friend jimmy with him.
Hey Nuru come fuck me in my bed daddy.
by Diesel’s Daddy December 21, 2020
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A massage performed on an inflated mattress by a hot japanese woman. it is best done nude and with a lot of oil. often ends up with the participants having sex
John paid 100 bucks for a Nuru massage last night, he said it wasn't waisted money cuz it ended in a surprise.
by mon93 December 12, 2010
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A Nuru massage body to body nude massage wth a gfe escort
I had an awesome girlfriend nuru massage by this hot chick on backpage.
by Darknessunbound July 11, 2015
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