a small log you might pinch off accadentaly
nigga u just pooped a nugget on my floor
by MARKS LOG March 09, 2003
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A perfect dime. The hottest of girls.
Originated by Hazem, Andy, and Blaine of Kansas
Damn, look at that nugget, do you think i can hit it?
by TheWhiteKnight December 14, 2007
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describing a hot girl or girls(in which the word becomes plural)the girl(s) are usually blonde.
dude, Molly is such a nugget!
by iyyiyiyinuggetssss April 28, 2008
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beef steak NUGGETS
the greatest food to ever grace the earth with its presence
breakfast of champions and official sponsor of the st joseph's west st paul youth program

most versatile adjective/noun ever.

when in doubt, NUG IT OUT
when you don't know what to say, just say nuggets.
**insert pelvic thrust and thigh slap** NUGGETS!!!
by nugget0705 July 29, 2010
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