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Spending time at work browsing Wikipedia rather than getting work done or watching Hulu.

Frequent bouts of workipedia may result in hours of lost productive time and an inability to remember what you did all day.
Man, look at the time! I got nothing done all day thanks to my workipedia!
by emrant January 17, 2010

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A thing or person that comes across as adorably fat or chubby. Babies with fat faces or chubby puppies with lots of wrinkles are choice examples of nuggets.

Adj: Nuggety
1) Did you see that baby rolling around on the floor? It was so fat it couldn't stand! What a nugget!

2) My new dog is so nuggety, I'm gonna go show it off on a walk- ladies love nuggety puppies.
by emrant October 31, 2010

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