A street word referring to Methamphetamines.

Etymology: Called "not" because when you're on Not, you're NOT hungry, NOT sleeping, NOT caring, NOT boring, etc...
Hubbard: Hey, man... what've you got for me?
Stanley: I got not.
Hubbard: Wicked, man. How much?
Stanley: It's all dolla' for dolla' this time.
Hubbard: Sounds great. I'll take 20 cents.
by RedRobin December 7, 2007
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the bum hair on your anal (bread) if you will that sticks together and makes crafty little nots so it hurts to whipe..
by COMPTON ASS BENOIT August 29, 2005
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Not overly too sure
Mike: what ya doing?
Jake: NOTS bro
by GreenFragment September 18, 2018
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something that is crazy. when the word "nuts" doesn't quite some up the situation.
"wow that party last night was so nots, i ended up naked in brendan's mom's bed"
by Don Swuevas December 13, 2009
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stuck in two situations. can't decide to go to one or the other
person 1: which girl should i date?

person 2: don't know dude. sounds like double nots to me
by darkesthypershadow June 11, 2010
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What tater tots will be changed to if Nadder becomes president.
I went to a Nadder support group and they served Nadder Nots.
by Ninja Pet October 9, 2008
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