Used to describe an actual state of being.

When someone does something to the extreeme, or does something too much, you -contrary to popular belief- say "not" to describe those actions
-Not Jon Ha is a fag.
-Not Jen got dumped by Jon Ha.

-Not always beating up Jon Ha.
by JonHaisGay October 25, 2004
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A street word referring to Methamphetamines.

Etymology: Called "not" because when you're on Not, you're NOT hungry, NOT sleeping, NOT caring, NOT boring, etc...
Hubbard: Hey, man... what've you got for me?
Stanley: I got not.
Hubbard: Wicked, man. How much?
Stanley: It's all dolla' for dolla' this time.
Hubbard: Sounds great. I'll take 20 cents.
by RedRobin December 07, 2007
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1> To intend to carry out a task and back out at the last moment.
2> To make a false statement.
James looks like Graham Cash not.
by Timmy2000 May 01, 2003
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something that is crazy. when the word "nuts" doesn't quite some up the situation.
"wow that party last night was so nots, i ended up naked in brendan's mom's bed"
by Don Swuevas December 13, 2009
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Black person driving slow down not driving the speed limit.
N.O.T on Mack
by Chase K October 13, 2008
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These "not's" always be trippin' and disrespecting everybody.
Preferably used when groups of not's congregate, become loud, then fight, and can't be stopped with reason.
by Lee Ray August 20, 2017
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