Male or female who has no interest in sexual activities, or seems to not take attraction to either sex. Person who seems to dislike being around anyone.
You know John? He's a total nosexual, doesn't like either gender!
by Timothy C Babcock June 11, 2006
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The definition of No-sexual might be known, but only has effect on Ben "uvula" Rosen, and Daniel "carnage" Sturdivant, the meaning the term "No-Sexual" is: To be alone forever. We've learned to accept that girls are stupid as fuck, and we will be alone on this god forsaken earth forever.
We are the "nosexuals" please step imo tbh cya.
by daniel May 17, 2004
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What happens when you date a high maintenance girl.
she makes u not be attracted to girls anymore, you become a nosexual person.
by wikipedia67 September 18, 2010
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NoSexual Means That You Do Not Like Dating Or Doing The $ex so no boyfreind or girlfreinds
girl:hey you look cute :)

NoSexual:and you look like a f@%#ing mistake
by Bigg8e cheese April 13, 2020
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Nosexual- I do not accept DNA into my body including the covid vaccine and all foreign genetics. Or the removal of my eggs or DNA and or all genetic material. It belongs to my sexual identity. Period.
Don't hate
Don't descriminate
Joe Biden Gavin Newsom China Xinhua News Donald Trump Jr.

I have the right to choose
Please add this to the bathroom signs
🥚you can argue with religious or personal beliefs can you argue my sexual gender and preference I identify with. Nosexual-.
Add it to your book boys
Kamala Harris

CDC Foundation American Red Cross

Celebate plus gender
by Nosexual November 3, 2021
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