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One who plays games, yet heckles others for enjoying their own for arbitrary reasons, then posts on the internet about it.
Gamer Fag: You're not like me! That means you're a fat, sexless loser!

Normal Human Being: Fuck off, I really don't care what you think, Gamer Fag.
by Greene Team July 21, 2011
Similar to Jackson's Mustache and Hamilton's Mustache, Jefferson's Anus is when, the morning after you have sex, but before she wakes up, you cum on the girls asshole and jam a nickel in. This is usually for cab fare. This is only practiced by truly douchey dickbags.
X: Hey man, how did that chick get home?

Douchey Dickbag: I don't know, brah, but I gave her Jefferson's Anus when I got up! Pound it!
by Greene Team July 25, 2011
Also known as Hell. A mediocre place to come for four years to get an education, yet a horrific place to subject your children to grow up in. Full of pretentious hipsters and yuppies, everything is driven by money and trends, and you are judged at every opportunity, though the judges are too good of people to really pass judgment. The term ACR has been coined to describe lifelong residents born in the mother county, Alachua, and most are miserable until they escape it's clutches. This term does not refer solely to rednecks and Wal-Mart shoppers with four teeth.

Gainesville is also home to the Florida Gators, the college football team with the most ridiculously deluded fan base anywhere. When they win, everyone shoves it in your face (even if you're not of the opposing team), yet when they lose, they act like the game didn't even happen instead of gracefully acknowledging defeat. Gainesville is one of the main producers of Football Haters in the world because of this, far surpassing Europe.
Soon-to-be Suicidee: Yeah, I grew up in Hell.

Friend: You mean Gainesville, FL, right?

Soon-to-be Suicidee: Yeah, that's what I said, Hell.
by Greene Team July 25, 2011
The same as a Jackson's Mustache, just performed by the less affluent or more douchey with a $10 bill instead of a $20. While this is not the preferred method to wake up for young women the morning after, it is certainly much better than Jefferson's Anus.
X: Hey man, how did that chick get home?

Y: I don't know, but she was gone when I got back, I gave her Hamilton's Mustache.
by Greene Team July 25, 2011
When, after not getting laid on a date, you go home and rub one out to relieve the pressure and frustration.
X: Hey man! Did you get a homerun with that girl last night?

Y: Nah, but I got some runs batted in when I got home.
by Greene Team July 25, 2011
Alachua County Resident.

One born and raised in Alachua County, Florida. Usually not referred to as an ACR until college age. This is when the university students begin interacting with them. Thus the ACR label, in order to distinguish between the inexperienced out-of-towners and the more versed inhabitants.

Contrary to some small-minded opinions, the vast majority of Gainesville raised ACRs are not four-toothed, Wal-Mart dwelling white-trash, and simply have not had the same financial windfalls presented to them as some of the other students. Many do indeed go to the University of Florida, seeing as it is close to family and friends. With the exception of the small few who enjoy the people and setting and choose to stay, most ACRs are miserable until they get out, facing a great many trials and tribulations along the way. This is mainly due to the fact Gainesville, FL is Hell.
Ignorant Dickhead: For the students attending the University of Florida, you'll notice white trash people with four teeth at Wal-Mart with their six children. They are a perfect example of an ACR. Don't make eye contact with them or they will pull out their shot guns and put a cap in your ass.

Normal Human Being: Fuck off! This ACR dick wasn't so bad last night when your mom was rubbing her four meth-mottled teeth around on it!
by Greene Team July 23, 2011
The morning after sex, while the woman is still asleep, the act of cumming on her upper lip, then attaching a $20 bill to it.
A: Dude, how did that chick get home this morning?

B: Oh, it was no big deal, I gave her Jackson's Mustache.
by Greene Team July 25, 2011