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To blatantly and obviously avoid inviting someone to something, especially if everyone knows that the event is occuring. Not to be confused with unvite.
Ryan: Is Kyle going to Spencer's thing?
Kaylyn: No, he was nonvited.
Ryan: Ouch..
Kaylyn: Haha, I'm so mean.
by whoknows April 12, 2005
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noun or verb: To invite someone in the strict, technical, and polite sense, but to describe it as so lame that he or she wouldn't actually want to come.
"are you doing anything good this weekend?"
"nah, my dog is sick, so I have to stay home and give her pills every few hours. my house is a mess and I may have the flu. but you can totally come over and hang out if you want. we'll order pizza."

definately a nonvite
by Dustin TC January 28, 2008
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an invitation that you are not supposed to except, because you were hesitantly, i mean "not really" invited. the nonviter makes the event sound lame and uses phrases like "come if you want" or "your welcome to join us"
Sophie: R u going to the chili contest tonight???
Paliswamy: no.
Sophie: boo hoo, let's go out!! i'm so excited to see you!
Paliswamy: ya see, i'm meeting cool tony and his cool friends at a bar near my place soon. you can come if you want
Sophie: was that a nonvite?
Paliswamy: look, your welcome to come. i hate the bar near my place. it's gay. your totally welcome to come though, really
Sophie: nonvited again
by pavbhaji February 06, 2010
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When everyone gets invited to an event except you and all you hear about is people talking about the event in front of you.
I was nonvited to my friend's birthday party. I wonder how it went.
by 252015 November 06, 2015
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