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Ew. Please don't describe threadless as EMO. That's disgusting.

Threadless is a community for graphic designers (either amateurs or those studying in college). People vote on their designs and those with high scores/appeal to many/etc. are printed and put into the threadless catalog. They reprint shirts every Monday. Right now threadless is being ruined by cruddy designs with pop culture references or with bunches of silhouettes of foilage, animals and whatnot because of it's growing community that seems to like that sort of thing. Threadless is spreading like a disease now. Ah well, at least skinnyCorp is making money. D:
Did you check threadless this Monday? Most of the new prints are godawful. Well, at least the reprints are nice.
by Captain Cook March 17, 2006
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a website in which many trendsters go to buy artist's t-shirts. very artsy, and emo.
girl 1: "hey, that boy has a bloody heart on his black t-shirt."
girl 2: "he must've got it from threadless."
by sweaterr. November 30, 2005
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