The ultimate comeback, stronger than even “no u”. Cannot be countered by any other “no u” or it’s related counterparts.
Steven: ur mom gay lol
John: ur dad lesbian
Steven: no u
John: don’t make me do it
Steven: no balls
John: no u infinity
*Steven implodes into singularity, creating such a strong gravitational force in which he engulfs everyone*
by thatonesmarty March 28, 2018
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the ultimate no U reached to the level of INFINITY. no other no u or counter variant can stop it.
Tom: hey Paul.
Paul: what is it, Tom?
Tom: ur mom so fat she's starred in the aquarium. (get it, people thought she was a whale.)
Paul: Uno Reverse Card
Tom: no U
Paul: *no U INFINITY*

Tom: commits die by using glock 17
by YEE my HAW February 3, 2020
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The strongest "no u" discovered so far. It counters "no u infinity" and clears 50% of the world population. Even Thanos knows "No u infinity gauntlet" is stronger than him and could easily kill him.
Thanos: I'm going to eliminate half of the world population with the infinity gauntlet.

An average person: No u

Thanos: Silly mortal. No u infinity. Counter this if you can.

The average person: N O Y O U I N F I N I T Y G A U N T L E T.

*Thanos obliterates into smaller pieces providing the average person the infinity gauntlet. (No u infinity gauntlet is powerful and shouldn't be used irresponsibly without knowing the consequences)

The average person: Ez
by Thanos daddy May 2, 2019
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The ultimate god of the No U. No No U or any counter-variant can stop it. It also cannot be blocked or reversed by any infinity card, or any card that sends shit back at someone's dumbass.
Bob: Ur mom's a hoe
Bill: No U
Bob: No U Infinity
Bill: No No U
Bob: No No U Infinity
Bill: (Sarcastically) God Fucking Damn it!!! Fuck you Bob! Imma go kill myself all because of you!!!
Bob: LOL bitch fuck outta here I'm on anatha level.
Bill: SIKE!!! (Pulls out No U Infinity, Unlimited Reverse card)
Bob: Quietly commits suicide.
by AffectedMind February 8, 2020
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No u times infinity reflects anything to its caster , its quite op and its best used to reflect a no u or a 1 hit KO insult.
John : Hi i like fortnite
Tom : I play minecraft

John : lol y u dumb
Tom : no u
John : lol ur mom gay kid

Tom : no u
John : no no u
*omae wo mo shindieru*
by Sub Resko ;) February 17, 2019
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The no u that can’t be beat ever unless ur actually god
Mean boi: ur gay

Me: no u
Mean boi: no u plus 1

mean boi: 😮
by Big blunts boi420420 April 11, 2019
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