When you are putting a lot of pressure on someone, but you want to give them the impression that you are not pressuring them.
Hi could you turn off that bomb that's about to go off in the corner of the room, no presh.
by Dylan SM March 23, 2020
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1. awsome, steller, cool..
2. short for precious
1. omg that sweater is so presh!
2. aww that baby is so presh!
by jessieisaspazz August 30, 2004
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short for "precious"; adorable, sweet, or perfect
Look at that couple. They are so presh. :)
by the~blonde~one October 24, 2014
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1. The short, lazy, and cool way of saying precious.
2. Really cute.
a. syn: fresh, cute, precious.
"That girl's bag is so presh."

"Girl, did you see that ass? That boy is presh!"

by the sweet FA June 22, 2006
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A shortened term of ''precious'', generally used by biddies or some annoying girl. Normally used to describe cute boys, or basically, anything that's cute.
OMG you're so presh.
by Kbloch May 5, 2011
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Another way of saying "precious"
Girl; omg you are just so Presh!

Boy; uh, thanks?
by Cherry482 September 27, 2015
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