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No.lay a female lyricist/singer/songwriter and aspiring dancer is one of the most inspiring and influential artists to appear out of the english underground scene.No.lay is not just one of the biggest grime and hip hop lyricists out there but has also been singing since the ages of 7/song writing and dancing as she has high expectations of herself becoming one of the greatest and most successful allround talented credible artists of today.No.lay has a large and impressive presspack that has formed off her talent alone without a p.r company or a label processing the publicity.Her presspack includes new york times,Debug front cover & juice(german based mags)tracex2 ,id x3,dazed & confused, tense, rewinndx3, new roots, touch, dummy, fader,voice, new nation, j.w.g and loads more to come.She has fans across the globe and now is focusing on tying it all together and expanding her horizons.No.lay is more about musical creation as a whole rather than limiting herself to one type of genre which is reflected in her work with groups like Bumblebees from Australia, s.m.d , highcontrast and some new exclusive projects coming soon.No.lay has a gift which enables her to give the musical scene a balance which the underground and mainstream can benefit from.No.lay is currently working on her label (NOLAYS WORLD) and the launch of many things to come.What more can i say apart from keep your eyes peeled for NO.LAY.

no lay is a musican
by noooooooooo39 April 10, 2009
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