no ruber(condom) then no intercourse (sex)
tyler:want to make love
andi:no glove no love
by cody May 8, 2005
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slang term for a condom. also part of the lyric for Kirk Van Houten's "Can I Borrow A Feeling?" in the Simpsons episode, A Milhouse Divided.
"Dude, I'm all out, you got any gloves of love?"
"Can I borrow a feeling,
Could you lend me a jar of love,
Hurtin hearts need some healin',
Take my hand with your glove of love."
by Dougie Kennedy February 16, 2005
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Amanda: You Got Protection?
Sam: Ya, There's Nothing Wrong With A Little Gloved Love
by Seagulls Of Satan August 4, 2008
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Masturbation while wearing a pair of beautiful smooth gloves.
'I might need some new gloves. I found mine in James' room and you know how he is with glove love.' - a parent who needs new gloves.
'Glove love!' - a sandpaper man celebrating being able to touch himself publicly thanks to his new gloves.
by TurnipChaser February 12, 2017
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A cute expression derived from a childrens tv show. Often used between to say they love each other, but in friendships rather than being in love.
"See ya next week nic"

"glove love"
by DaisyPants April 25, 2010
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When you jizz onto you hand and walk through a crowd of people, smack the piss out of one of them, and run away before they know it was you.
I Liquid Glove Loved Dave in the mall yesterday, he almost shit!
by Nick January 24, 2004
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When you bring back a bird to your house only to find that you have run out of c*ndoms and the only thing you can find in the house as an emergency alternative are your mothers rubber washing up kitchen gloves.
My mum felt a strange wet sensation when she tried on her washing up gloves yesterday. I had done a rubber glove love session in them.
by The Smart Ass June 21, 2015
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