Non-Negotiable Demand. An unreasonable request by a friend or associate, usually issued the way a petulant child would demand his toy or his blankie.

For those old enough to remember, it was common during the 1970's for militant organizations to set up a table on a college campus and loudly announce "We Have The Following List of Non-Negotiable Demands."
Julius called me and made an NND that I pay his phonebill this month.
by Shawdog December 14, 2012
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In Chinese,is one of vulgarities="grandmother's" or "his grandmother's",like TMD.

1.when someone do not reconcile to doing sth;
2.just Grandmotherfucker! or What the Fuck!
1.NND,why I can't win!{Bad Example(;^_^A}

2.NND,how you dare let me do that again!
by hisashifan January 26, 2008
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