Damn those NND's are loud.
by KSTC January 21, 2008
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In Chinese,is one of vulgarities="grandmother's" or "his grandmother's",like TMD.

1.when someone do not reconcile to doing sth;
2.just Grandmotherfucker! or What the Fuck!
1.NND,why I can't win!{Bad Example(;^_^A}

2.NND,how you dare let me do that again!
by hisashifan January 27, 2008
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Non-Negotiable Demand. An unreasonable request by a friend or associate, usually issued the way a petulant child would demand his toy or his blankie.

For those old enough to remember, it was common during the 1970's for militant organizations to set up a table on a college campus and loudly announce "We Have The Following List of Non-Negotiable Demands."
Julius called me and made an NND that I pay his phonebill this month.
by Shawdog December 14, 2012
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NND is a slang for No Name Demons a small street gang in Lincoln Ne. what makes them different from other “gangs” in lincoln is they aren’t a game.
by jackboi223 April 3, 2020
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A shorthand for "Nico Nico Douga" a Japanese video sharing site that is famous among English speakers because many famous virtual Youtubers belonging to the "HoloLive" agency have been scouted from this site and every single one of them has been revealed to be a lascivious whore who absolutely loves cock.
"Yagoo scouted another one of those NND whores? Can't wait to doxx her and find her nudes"
by Moona_Hoshinova September 17, 2020
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Nnd stands for street gang No name demons. Came to the streets about 20 years ago.
Them nnd niggas hella sneaky what’s they name?
by E nnd December 10, 2021
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