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It's a Chinglish. In Chinese Niu means cow,which also means that someone is very capable.Bi(pronunciation Bee),which is used to refer a person rudely,means pussy or fomally genital.
Many people think they are full of niubility, and like to play zhuangbility, which only reflect their shability.
by Luo Mengyu December 03, 2007
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Niubility, often spelled as newbility, is a Chinglish noun describing formidability, incredibility or awesomeness. It derived from the Mandarin Chinese vulgar term "niubi/newby" which literally translates to cattle's cunt or cow's pussy. It is believed that the word Niubi, was made an adjective in the late 19th century by an imperial accident. The term niubility is often used to show astonishment or praise but can also be used for sarcastic effects. Other derivatives of niubi/newby include newber, newbable and newbilization.
You can see the niubility oozing out of Usain Bolt as he eased through the finish line.
by newber December 30, 2008
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