zhuangbility exactly means the ability of someone to show himself, act like good at doing something, or purposely overexpose his own emotions.
No need to show your zhuangbility, we know you are good at mathematics. 别装逼了,我们知道你数学很好
by KittenC February 13, 2016
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It's Chinese English. In Chinese, 'Zhuang' means 'play'. 'Bi' is 'pussy' in English. Literally 'zhuangbility' means 'to play pussy' or 'state or action of playing pussy'.

Zhuangbility means 'to boast' or somewhat in English.
Many people think they are full of niubility, and like to play zhuangbility, which only reflect their shability.
by jokhva January 13, 2008
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