'Sha' means 'silly' in Chinese. 'Bi' means 'pussy' in Chinese. 'A silly pussy' means 'a fool' or 'a person that makes everything worse'.
Many people think they are full of niubility, and like to play zhuangbility, which only reflect their shability.
by jokhva January 13, 2008
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A really cool guy, who is extremely sexy, and a very high intelligence. He is usually smarter than you.
If only we were as smart and sexy as shabil
by shaba April 27, 2004
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A cakewalker, Shabil usually needs to be brought back down to Earth. Poor Shabil...
Shabil is a cakewalker
by jayma September 28, 2004
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spotting gym partner in homophobic positions
That was some heavy shabilling during the deadlifts.....i came twice
by Shabil69 March 21, 2018
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