Chinese word meaning "fucking awesome." Translated literally, it means "cow pussy."
Ni hen niubi! You're so fuckin cowpussy, man!
by Slangin Cane October 9, 2010
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A chinese word pronounce as "new-bee".
"niu" means cattle, which means be really good at something or can do something others definitely cannot do; formidable.
"bi" means pussy, often use as abbreviation for "zhuang-bi", which means pretending to be somebody for vanity; bravado.
so "niu-bi" means top, ace, powerful, brilliant, well trained, highly skilled, etc.
"look, he is handstanding to take a shit!"
by wxcwer August 15, 2022
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fxxking awesome; freaking awesome

"niu" means ox, awesome in Chinese
"bi" means female sexual organ in Chinese
— Hey, did you heard that Tom put superglue on the chairs in the teachers office?
by pzh200707 November 7, 2018
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