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getting so cold your nipples stand on end and poke through your shirt
damn that girl has some major nipplitis! she's needs a thicker bra!
by orli_lvr April 01, 2003
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When the mens swim team has to swim with t-shirts on in practice, and the water is so cold that that their nipples get pointy, rub on the shirt, and then get a friction burn that hurts for the next 2 days. Hurts like a bitch!!
Man1: (coming out of the showers) Man, my nipples are burning!
Man2: you probably have nipplitis from todays practice.

Man1: I hate Vlad's t-shirt practice! Tuesdays and Thursdays suck!
Man2: Yeah I have the worst case of nipplitis, I think my nipples are about to bleed!
by sbu swimming and diving October 17, 2008
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The scenario in which the areola and nipple poke out of the shirt in a disgusting and very obvious way, often caused by extensive loss of heat or horniness. Many males find this attractive, though it is positively sickening.
Shit! that saggy old bitch has a major case of nipplitis! How disgusting...maybe if she were 50 years younger I would have the same feelings for her as she does me...but hell no..motherfucker!
by lovebunny April 06, 2003
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