adj. Chilly; cold enough to make the nipples stand at attention.
Person 1: Hello, Ms. Anderson-Lee. It's a bit nippley out today, isn't it?
Pam: Huh? It's 80 degrees...
by The Grammar Nazi November 16, 2001
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When it is so nippy (cold) that your nipples stick out - therefore making it a 'nippley' temperature.
"I turned the A/C in my car up to high! It's so nippley in here right now!"
by gilnokoibito July 26, 2012
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Nippley, use as in nippy when the weather changes to colder temperatures and women don't dress appropriately while outside and their nipples become erect in contact with the cold air. It's a way to tell your friends that there is a nipple alert.
Steve and a few of his friends were standing outside the bar when a group of young women passed shivering in the cold and having hard nipples. "It's a tad nippley out this evening isn't it?" asked Steve directing the attention of his friends to the ladies boobs as they passed.
by Sneakyteaky November 2, 2006
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the expression used when a female seems to be arroused and her nipples appear to be larger than usual...this may also be used when it is cold
coral, you appear to be very nippley since you saw me
by huggless July 6, 2009
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a word used to express how cold it is outside. (showing that your nipples would get hard if you went out there.)
Chris: How is the weather?
Christina: It's a bit nippley.
by CrazyChris February 23, 2008
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Somewhat cold. Generally used to discribe the air outside when seasons change and temperatures drop.
Eric came in from outside after the cold front passed through the area and exclaimed, "Man, it's a tit bit nippley out there!"
by El Maunu March 16, 2006
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When it's cold out outside, and makes your nipples hard.
Guy 1 "Dude it's nippley out."
Guy 2 "Don't you mean nippy?"
Guy 1 "No, I mean nippley. As in it's nippy outside, but your nipps get hard."
by biscuit December 15, 2017
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