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To be sated from a loving session of suckling at the breast of a loving adult partner; the after effects of a nurturing and calming adult breastfeeding or adult nursing session.

Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) or Adult Breastfeeding (ABF): A relationship in which an adult's breast is suckled by an adult partner as an expression of intimacy. The suckling can be dry nursing or from lactating breasts. There are many reasons for forming such a relationship including a woman's need to nurture, to enhance the bond between the partners, or to induce lactation.
Honey I had a hard day at work, I need to be nipnotized.

I love to be nipnotized, it's powerful and amazing and helps me fall to sleep.

My man loves to be nipnotized, it calms him and brings us closer together.
by suckle_buddy December 30, 2010
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Having your attention fixated on a glorious set of knockers complete with nipples that could cut glass. Often results in drooling, inattention, and inability to perform simple tasks. In severe cases it can lead to car accidents or more serious physical harm.
"George!! You are a piece of shit husband. I can see what your looking at!!"

"Sorry baby. I was straight up nipnotized."
by gimmethatp November 03, 2009
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