Did you see nip/tuck last night? That girl was so hot.
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
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It's so good that I re-watch the previous seasons every Sarturday for three-hours
Matt is really ugly, and I man-whore. Christian is the best, even though he is a sexiholic, I can handle a man addicted to sexihol(Sic)
by Rad_ August 21, 2005
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greatest show of all time. now that season one is over, tuesdays are really going to blow now.
by Hugh G. Rection October 25, 2003
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One of the best show's currently on television. It is incredibly graphic and delightfully twisted. There is raw sex, violence, drug use, back stabbing, beautiful women, fast cars, and of course, graphic depictions of surgeries. It deals with issues like transexuality, orgies, death,etc. in a frank and honest manner that no other show on television would be willing to touch.
"Hey did you see that episode of nip/tuck where some crazy mortician cut all the arms and legs off of a body and sewed them on to his sister's dead body and then had sex with it?"

"No, but did you see the one where Matt went to a gay bar went and home with a Tranny? Matt made out with him, and then after finding out he still had a penis, he kicked the guy's face in a bunch of times."

"Yeah, then that tranny got a bunch of tranny friends together and kicked the shit out of Matt on the street and then pissed all over him; it was great."
by robbo347 December 11, 2005
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A person who appears to have had plastic surgery.
It looks like Barbie has had a nip tuck and she looks good.
by california10 July 7, 2005
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the best show on T.V. about plastic surgery and the drama that goes along with the adult dating world
dude did you see nip tuck last night, that show is soo sweet
by soinlovewithashley September 22, 2004
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To go through with "plastic surgery" to enlarge ones breast Aka: get a "boob job"
That has to be a nip tuck, they were HUGE!
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003
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