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A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and smile effortlessly. A girl who is weird and random. A girl with a perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect body, perfect personality. Plus so much more.
by Travis Roche August 28, 2008
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Nika, a beautiful amazing one of a kind girl who is so passionate and loving. She is ridiculously funny and will make you laugh all the time. She has luscious hair, brown eyes, tan skin and usually short. She'll change ur life whether u want her to or not in the best way. Whoever gets to take her home is hella lucky. Nika can be very sensitive at times though and she never loves herself. She compares herself to others but all you have to do to make her happy is tell her she's amazing because she is!
person 1: ugh that girl over there is a model!! Who is she
person 2: Thats Nika and shes super nice
person 1: I love her so much
by pseudonym98797937 May 12, 2018
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A smart beautiful girl who knows how to make you smile. They can be a bit contiversal at times but that's why you love her. She is a loyal friend and girlfriend and doesn't mind trying new things with a very open-mind. But be warned Nika is very good at hiding when she is feeling Depressed,Anxiety-filled and other emotions along the line. She is an amazing person just don't lose her no matter what and take things slow unless she says so. Don't break her heart you will regret it.
Girl1: Isn't That Nika? She seems different.
Girl2:Oh you didn't know she caught Hannah Cheating on her
by VirtuallyRouge May 10, 2018
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A beautiful girl with a nice personality over all she is great. A girl who is weird random and has a lot of drama in her life but still she is great in every why possible
Person 1: did you see that girl

Person 2 : obviously thats nika

Person 1 : .......( speechless)
by .Albert .Einstein May 28, 2018
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pronunciation: nee-kah

1. Beautiful girl who is intelligent, smart, compassionate, and kind.

2. Person who is renown for being the greatest friend on the surface of the universe.

3. If the understanding of exponential beauty was not understood from previous clauses, then there should also be the additonal mention that a nika is sexy in every meaning of the word.
1. OH MAHN. I wish I had more nika in me.

2. I would most definitely need a nika right now.

3. Girl. You almost lookin' as fine as a nika. AL-MOST.

Origins: 1995, With both American and Cambodian roots <ni- meaning beautiful goddess and ka- meaning smiling affirmation>
by cfou-san December 11, 2011
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A very sexual girl that loves hugging people randomly and can be quite creepy sometimes. A mixture of mature and immature. Not afraid to be who she is.
"Some girl just came up and hugged me..." "That's Nika. She does that a lot."
by Post Hardcore Girl May 08, 2014
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A self conscious girl who has very little self confidence even though she has so much support from friends and family she still thinks shes not good enofe even with all the complements she gets she still thinks shes ugly and worthless. But no one else knows about her depression.
you look like Nika today hiding your depression behind your walls .
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by Inininin January 23, 2018
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