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A racist yogurt found in most grocery stores.

Derived from "minigo" where seperation between individual yogurt containers is between "mi - nigo".
"My nigo is strawberry." - Unknowingly Racist Kid
by Jesse Marantz May 09, 2005
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Nigo never set out to become Japan's hottest fashion designer or an internationally famous arbiter of style, or to show young people how to rebel without losing their cool. But the fact that he is now one of the most influential movers and shakers of his generation—given how little attention he paid to cram schools, university examinations and the meticulous career planning that are still adolescent obsessions in Japan—does not strike him as particularly odd, either. In fact, he sees his focus on his passions, rather than on society's expectations, as the secret of his success. "I never planned too far ahead," says the 33-year-old. Creator of Bathing Ape too.
Guy; Yo check these Bathing Apes Air forces !

Dude; I need somee ! but they're frikkin expansive!

Guy; let's buy some fakes on ebay.
by xunknownguyx August 18, 2005
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A term similar to nigger, negro, nibba and nigga. Devolved to the point where it's used as a mockery, satire, joke or offence towards people (mainly blacks)
White guy: "AYE AYE, WHAT UP MY NIGO?"
Black guy: "What the fuck did you say?"
by zexyr April 19, 2018
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