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High potency wine--18%--made from, pears or grapes or apples or "perry" fruit (whatever that is.) Night Train is produced in Modesto California and is sold dirt cheap. It is, however, is a favorite of broke drunks hanging out on park benches. They usually refer to Night Train as a "Trilla." But you'd have to be drunk on Night Train to be able to fully understand why.
Drunk #1: "How much you got on a pint of Night Train?"
Drunk #2: "I got 53 cents on another Trilla, dude."
by carlos mack September 02, 2008
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High Potency (18% ABV) citrus flavored fortified wine. It retails for just $2.69 for a 750ml bottle in most markets. A favorite of skid-row drunks. It is made by the same company that manufactures Thunderbird. Many experienced drunks have come to the conclusion that Night Train is just a flavored varient of Thunderbird. Recently taken off the market in many eastern states. Night Train is the drink referenced in the Guns N' Roses classic
Nightrain. The label reads Night Train Express, serve very cold along with a graphic of a black stream engine charging through the night.

"MD 20/20, no way, Night Train all the way"
by Lee Keller April 03, 2006
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A low-end fortified wine produced (but not claimed) by EJ Gallo. Drunk by bums and those who want a one way ticket from Sober to Stupid.
I lost my job. I am going to spend my last $2.50 and get on the Night Train.
by larrythek November 13, 2010
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the semi buzzed feeling one has the day after smoking a lot of weed.
o shit nigga i be on dat night train from tokin up last night
by 5 on it September 09, 2010
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Night Training is the act of re-engaging in sexual intercourse with a sleeping sexual partner. Upon Penetration one must scream in their partner's ear "All Aboard" in order for it to be considered Night Training.
Guy 1: Dude my girlfriend broke up with me cause I Night Trained her this morning

Guy 2: You're a douche but that's funny as shit
by krabmanI September 28, 2011
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An 18 Wheeler*(Semi)* or common name; "Tractor Trailer". Which hauls freight primarily at night using double and triple trailers or one 53 foot.
The term has been "coined" in the trucking industry for years. The purpose is to travel at night to avoid traffic congestion and DOT safety checks by state and federal officials.
Other reasons "Night Trains" exist is overnight delivery of Freight to sorting facilities throughout the country.
The U.S Mail is most often hauled at night as well as UPS and Fedex.
by Nevadarhodes January 30, 2011
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How was the night train last night.

Hey do you think we could catch the night train after the bar
by Spike Von July 05, 2006
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