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The process through which new expressions resulting from the bastardization of the (English) language in the hands of the guetto crowd (typically rap/hip-hop "artists" and/or their wannabes, and black criminals, as depicted by Hollywood TV and movies). These expressions often enter the vernacular as a joke but, out of sheer repetition, they often end up being incorporated to the language and crowding out the original, proper expressions.

Notice that niggerization tends to take place so quickly, that competing neologisms may coexist for some time (perhaps until one of them "busts a cap" into the other, linguistically speaking). See example below:
The multi-platinum selling hip-hop act the Black Eyed Peas, responsible for lyrics such as:

"Imma be on the next level

Imma be rockin over that bass treble

Imma be chillin with my mutha mutha crew

Imma be makin all them deals you wanna do (hah)

Imma be up in that maylist flicks

Doin 100 flips, and imma be

Sippin on drinks cause

Imma be shakin my hips

You gon be lickin your lips

Imma be takin them pics" (*)

are amongst the most active agents of niggerization of the English language.

(*) 'Imma' is a neologism resulting from the niggerization of the expression 'I am going to'. But notice how 'gon', a contraction of 'gone', is also a niggerized version of 'am/are/is going to', which neatly illustrates coexistence between niggerized expressions (and, in this case, within a single paragraph).
by NoamChomskie March 27, 2010
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A made-up word recently approved by the far left to be used in the political arena.

Toure (TooRay) used the word on MSNBC to describe candidate Romney's angry, angry, racist attacks on his savior Obama.

The word has no definition. It is only used to promote hate and discontent among blacks.
You hear dat? Romney, he be niggerizationing us. Racist honkey.
by wotboa August 18, 2012
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The process of becomming a Nigger, or obtaining nigger-like qualities.
Ever since Tommy began listening to Tupac and shooting "white boys" he has been going down the path to niggerization."

Some racist white communites complain about the Niggerization of their towns after Blacks moved in.
by %SbustedS% August 30, 2006
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Niggerization is neither simply the dishonoring and devaluing of black people nor solely the economic exploitation and political disenfranchisement of them. It is also the wholesale attempt to impede democratization—to turn potential citizens into intimidated, fearful, and helpless subjects.
Since the ugly events of 9/11, we have witnessed the attempt of the Bush administration—with elites in support and populists complacent—to promote the niggerization of the American people.
by Majic-Man October 31, 2008
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