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the method of living in the absence of financial resourcs. Underground economy in response to chronic underemployment. Also known as hustlin' or making a dollar out of 15 cents. Allusion to financial "creativity" of reaganomics.
kitchen hair salons, welfare fraud, unlicensed daycares, any curbside sales, bill roulette (paying bills in order of importance) are examples.
Nigganomics prevents me from paying my car note this month.
by Ife January 20, 2007
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The act of being very Cheap, petty, cruddy, broke without having to be of african descent.
P1. "Yo lets go to McDonalds."
P2. "Aight lets bounce..."
P1. "You mind paying for all this food, im broke son"
P2. "Damn! That was straight nigganomic kid, thats messed up"
by Un0 April 07, 2008
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The stratigic parking of you badass car so when you leave, you pass the most people. Letting them all bask in the badassery of ur ride.
Everyone stands on a certain corner outside the mall and you and your friends r lookin for a place to park.

Ayo, lay down some nigganomics on these people and park on the otherside of them.

by Swagkidtsmith November 08, 2009
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