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(n) Used to describe the offspring of a cold blooded nigga and a jigaboo. The nigaboo are a nocturnal species only interested in drugs, bithes, and murder. You can track them by following the blood trails strewn with needles and crack baggies. Nigaboos are always armed in the wild, so proceed with caution.
Fred - "Holy shit Bill! That carcass got carved striaght from crack to grill!"

Bill - "Musta been one 'o them nigaboo. Let's get the fuck outta here!"

by PhoneBill April 14, 2008
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A real OG nigga who happens to really like anime.
Nigaboo: You see that newest episode of boku no piku, man that shit was dope!
Person 2: Man you a fucking niggaboo
by Sovietpizza June 05, 2017
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