A selection of finger snacks, such as canapés, cheese and biscuits, fruit, olives, pate, salami and the like (or often much grander these days), served with drinks or in lieu of a meal. In Australia it's often used to describe typical party food.
Are they going to serve dinner at the function or is it just drinks and nibblies?
by Bob Highland January 29, 2004
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Nibble Nibble takes place during the process of banter. One person banters their friend, at which point that friend reacts negatively to the banter. This behaviour is like a fish, biting the bait and being reeled in.
Person 1 "that goal wasn't really good, it was Jewish."

Person 2 "no it wasn't, it was epic"
Person 1 "Nibble Nibble"
by Ginny92 December 10, 2013
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Josh, stop nibbling that tuft.

Don't nibble my tiny toes.
by Trihornasaurus April 19, 2005
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something that is so damn fine no other words will describe it.
by lisel@1 May 26, 2006
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To gently bite or suck on something
Kiersten : Gosh Jake are we just gonna watch tv all night this is boring!
Jake : How about I Nibble on your breast's!
Kiersten : Oh Jake O your making me wet!
Jake : And now I will Nibble on you neck!
Kiersten : Oh Jake your making me wet again!
Jake : And now I will Nibble on your leg's!
Kiersten : Oh Jake your making me tingle!
Jake : And now I will Nibble on your pussy!
Kiersten : Oh my gosh I'm cumming I'm cumming! Fuck Me!
Jake : And now I will Nibble on your hair!
Kiersten : What the hell Jake you were supposed to fuck me!
Jake : But your hair is so soft and smells so good Mmmm!
Kiersten : Oh Jake your so sweet Now Fuck Me!
Jake : Spread your legs so my dick can Nibble inside you!
Kiersten : Oh Baby!
by SlopNChop December 27, 2017
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nibble means to suck,bite or eat someone or a part of their body.
"nibble nibble" " can i eat your hair?" "nom nom nom"
by poofy hair June 8, 2009
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To 'Nibble' is to try and get a rise out of someone. To provoke or wind someone up and see if they retaliate, verbally or physically.

When getting someone to nibble, the harder they try to resist the nibble, the more urge grows to get them to nibble.

Some people nibble easily. Others are known rarely to nibble. To get one of the latter people to nibble is a great achievement and puts great shame upon the one who has nibbled.
"Oi Tom, you're such a shit drinker mate. You can't drink 2 pints without puking. Are you gonna nibble!?"

"Fuck off!"

"He Nibbled! Non-Lad"
by KeasedLad May 27, 2012
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