i have a nforce 680i sli motherboard, its super nice
by Lovethecreeper February 7, 2015
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An isonews wannabe website where people go to check the releases and then goto isonews to discuss it.
have you seen the nforce forum?

Nope , has anyone?
by heh February 19, 2003
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A brand of mother board that has been created around the "memory Dump" phenomenon.

A term hated by Lan Admins, as the mother board is carefully complimented with a faulty PSU

The art of taking ones side off the case
"I was playing my game and it crashed :("
"I was happy with my 1996 Korean mother board, when memory dumps wernt invented"
"Why does this thing only crash when i decide to play it"

"FUCK THAT WANGER! he caused 2 rows of computers to turn off because of his psu"

"Hey you should take your side off your case if it keeps crashing.. oh it allraedy is"
by Epi October 16, 2003
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