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Originates from the dreaded orpington in the providence of chavland aka Bromers aka Bromley. Newstead girls wear green uniforms. (short skirts and baggy jumpers to hide their teenage pregnancies)Known also as "Grammer School Girls," they come in two extremes, geekishly stupid, or whorishly smart.
Often seen from:
the years of 8 to hold "blow jobs parties"
year 10: going down to the pub every friday
year12: sleeping with every grunger who goes to mean fiddler
year 13: getting high at orpington train station tunnel and hanging out by the station entrance.
DARRICK WOOD CHAV: Ere look at tht bogey (newstead girl)
NEWSTEAD WOOD GEEK: Im going to tell my mother on you i am, i know long words i do like "computer", ill hit you with my oversized stchel
DARRICK WOOD CHAV: Ere blads! them bags is lethal...RUN!!!

From the class of 2005.
by newstead and proud November 13, 2004
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