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Half of new hyde park is in queens, and the other half is in nassau. People in nhp are usually wealthy, but kids who go to herricks or great neck are the rich ones out of all the new hyde parkers. New hyde park is a pretty boring place to hang out, except the fact the lake success plaza is close by.
by ishadk August 06, 2006
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A town in New York that sits half in Queens and half in Nassau. Many Indian and Pakistani immigrants settle here. Also, guidos run around with their tape-ups around here. It is home of the Dublin Pub (guido club--despite the deceiving name) and the McMansion (McDonald's in a mansion). And if MS-13 things they can role around here they will get fucked up.
by irish blood September 02, 2005
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A small town in Nassau County, Long Island - a part of the New York suburbs which is boring for the most part, but acknowledged due to the rich areas such as the Hamptons in Suffolk County where rich bitches like Paris Hilton party. Long Island is flooded with JAPS- "Jewish American Princesses" who are the sons and daughters of those disgustingly rich folk, but New Hyde Park has a strong combination of white suburbanites (Guidos, JAPs) alongside urbanized ethnic gangsters (White Trash, Smart Koreans, Indian gangster folk, Hispanics). A few miles west of the town of New Hyde Park is a county known as Queens County, which for the most part is made up of unstructured ethnic ghettoes (comprising of Indians, Hispanics, Greeks, and even Arabs) with a few rich exceptions like regions of Forest Hills or Kew Gardens due to the rich Jews. I live in the section of New Hyde Park, known as Garden City Park, where a few blocks south, a really rich and beautiful suburbia known as Garden City starts and encompasses a beautiful shopping area known as the Roosevelt Shopping Center - with Roosevelt Field Mall, which is one of America's biggest malls. New Hyde Park is a biracial crossroad between city and suburbia.
the road to success starts in New Hyde Park bitches
by SarahHarrrdcore September 13, 2006
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it's a place where everyone can be happy
it's the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin' world
it's made of candy canes and planes
and bright, red choo choo trains
and the meanest little boys
most innocent little girls
and you know, I wish that I could go there
it has a road that I have not found

it's a place where everyone can be right
even though you remain determined to be opposed
admittance requires no qualifications
it's where everyone has been and where everybody goes
New Hyde Park:

There is no house to party in tonight;
Sump anyone?
by Yo Nigga D Magic January 04, 2009
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by far, one of the most boring towns in america. i go to herricks high school, where there all these "wanna be" ganstas, but in reality, they are just pieces of shit. herricks high school is very overrated, b/c in reality. most of the teacher dont give a crap about u. The town in general is shut. i cant get wait to get out of this craphole of a town
Wut ru doin tonight?
Nothin b/c there nothin to do in new hyde park.
by i hate nhp October 13, 2007
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short for Not Happy Place.

a town in the middle of long island, new york. probably one of the most boring towns in America. there's absolutely nothing to do hear-the epitome of suburbia. its just a few strip malls, a golf course, schools, pizzeria's, a park or two, etc. not that exciting. i'd say 85% of the people are either indian or italian. there's no middle school, just 4 elementary schools and one "high" school. everyone's extremely rascist and judgmental. this place sucks and as soon as i turn 18 i'm getting the fuck outta here...
by Sara Elizabeth August 21, 2005
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You can smell it before you see it. This town has more Indians than Mumbai. When there is not some Levitt house remodled into a sad excuse for a suburban McMansion (that somehow contains 15 indian families from Queens) it contains many smaller ranch homes and levitt houses comprised of Irish and Guidos that often breed together to create a super race of white trash called. The town is really racist (kind of like this submission - so its befitting) and is full of Neoconservatives and white trash Republicans. In fact this town is so stuck in 1950s America, I could have sworn I remembered WWII.
Me: New Hyde Park sucks, its full of white trash, Indians, Italians, Irish, and half Irish-Italians that think they belong in the Sopranos. Thats why I am moving to LA.
by MKthePoliticalScientist. July 14, 2010
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