A period of time that doesn't exist. When speaking in the future, it means something will never happen. When speaking in the past, it means "a long, long time ago."
From season 3 of Making The Band:
P. Diddy: "When's the last time you saw Dylan?"
Chopper: "Neveruary."
by Scott August 4, 2004
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The act of someone saying that they're gonna do something that they have no intention of ever doing. ie getting that sweet tattoo, asking that hot chica out.
Mike " I'm gonna be getting my tattoo soon"
Bob "Yeah I heard your getting it in Neveruary
by Rustolla November 4, 2009
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After months of being short staffed, we asked (sarcastically) when will the new hires start? Neveruary? It means a time when something is not going to happen.
If someone has been waiting on something and it seems like it isn't going to ever happen, but someone sarcastically comments..."It'll happen in the month of Neveruary."
by Trenda Turk April 18, 2004
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The month when you’re absolutely definitely 100% going to do those really important things you’ve been putting off. Actually, the worst possible month to get anything done.
When you gon get a job?’
“Soon, honey, in Neveruary.
by David Ch... May 1, 2020
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the greatest hip hop duo alive; i.e. www.myspace.com/neveruary

also can mean, great, superior, awesome, unbelievable.
Dude, have you heard that new Neveruary song? It's so fricken good.
by Danny Winter May 23, 2010
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