A way to invite someone over (usally a crush) and whatch Netflix with the intetion of having sex.
¨-Hey, wanna come over for netflix n chill?¨
¨-Sure, I know what that means ;)¨
by it'swhateverforever October 28, 2015
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Netflix and chill: What you say to someone when you wanna watch a few minutes of a movie and then end up having sex.
Jake- hey Jen what are tou doing Friday night?

Jen- nothing

Jake- Netflix n chill?

Jen- sure
getting laid netflixnchill
by Usangilover123 September 17, 2015
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When you burrito yourself in a blanket and watch Netflix alone 'cause your bae doesn't want to visit pound town.
"Hey, whatchu doin' bro?"
"Bae is sick, so I'm just doin' the usual Netflix n chill."
by Supernatty August 27, 2015
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