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Hottest guy out there. Neri the realist person and will do anything to make you happy. Neri got money and stuff but he don’t brag to much. Neri is the freshest out there
by Larrytogary May 17, 2018
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The worst person you could every have in a class. He makes dumbass comments and thinks he’s the shit at basketball. Need to be put in check. Also a big idiot
by Datnoscopedo May 14, 2018
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A energetic woodland creature that hobbles through the woods searching for woodland fairies to prey upon.

A "Neris" will gather the fairy dust to make a potion that gives the Neris the ability to fly for 24 hours, so it can search for more of its prey upon treetops.

The "Neris" is recognized by its six large red webbed toes, olive coloured scaly skin, large hands, green bulging eyes and large buttox, and bright yellow wings and stands between 2ft - 4ft high.

A Neris can be found in the Himilayan Mountains, or living near lakes and streams, or high in mountain tree tops.
by swimmerchick February 06, 2010
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That one sexy nigga that can hoop and gets mad pussy because he has a big dick
Person 1: I aspire to be a Neri when i grow up
Person2: Soundo min gaj eh
by bobby shmit June 30, 2018
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Tall twat who is probably never gonna stop growing. Tries to be funny making retarded jokes but never actually succeeds. Has hopes and dream but lmao fuck that shit.
Also has an iq of about a good 35.
Lool its that guy Neri again, He once told me to go eat a bag of cement blocks from a lampost. Still dont get what he meant.
by LmaoItsMeTheDipShit October 16, 2018
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