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Nephew/son meaning your father is your uncle meaning he had sexual relations with his sister your mother
Wow that dude looks like a nephson all inbread looking
by blackcope February 08, 2017
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The term that best describes Hamlet in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. His father's brother married his mother, making his Uncle Claudius now his father. This means that Hamlet is both a nephew, and a son, or nephson.
Derrick: "Did you read Act 1 Scene 2 of Hamlet last night?"
Mark: "Yea, Claudius' nephson is going crazy. I guess that's what happens when your uncle marries your mom,"
by Shakesfear101 January 26, 2014
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The male offspring of one banging their sibling. Common in Eastern Kentucky.
I’ll be damned if Jebadiah and Jeanna done had theselves a nephson. He’s gotta be a proud Uncle Daddy.
by Qthaking April 08, 2018
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When a kid is someone’s son, but also nephew.
His mom married Chris and Jack’s father. Then she married her husband’s brother, making Chris and Jack his sons, and also his nephews... his nephsons.
by undeniablyright June 14, 2018
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