A person who knows nothing about what they claim to know everything about. A woman's throat. An idiot.
He's such a dick nek he has no clue what he's doing. Damn I was with this chic last night and she has great dick nek. You're such a dick nek. Dick nek
by Big Foots Dick July 1, 2015
a funny phrased used when something happens next minute
nek minute
by jimmy stevan October 26, 2016
The lazy man way of saying next minute or stating how fast an event happened.
Rob opened his first beer, nek min he was wasted
by Robbie Dawgie August 5, 2016
Nek Level (Next Level) is mild street lingo, of which one may use as a phrase to express higher level experiences or situation, than usual. AKA 'out of reach' 'level up', 'punching above their weight' or street slang: "hard up bro" or NEK LEVEL MAN. or my fave: NEK Levs yo.
Watching that epic rap battle was nek level aye.
by iLLEMA June 8, 2021
Used instead of the phrase "Next Minute". No one knows its etymology (origin of word), except that it may have originated on the short-running TV3 show "The Jono Project". The phrase became extremely popular here in New Zealand and has been parodied many times since.
"Aww chur bro, makin' 2-minute noodles is easy as aye. Just boil some water, drop some noodles in there... Nek minnit... Hmm these noodles may need another minute aye..."

"I was talking to that weird girl Sharon, all was going fine, but nek minnit she hit me!"
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011
A document permitting someone to drive without clothes on.
"Hey wanna roll out to Taco Bell, naked?" "Not until we get our nekked licenses, let's be responsible here."
by Julius W March 21, 2007
An abbreviation for Turtle Neck. Turtle Neck being a way to refer to a man's genitals as being uncircumcised.

The foreskin of an uncircumcised penis resembles the neck region of a Turtle Neck sweater.
Did you see that old man's Trtl Nek in the shower. Man that shit was disgusting!
by The Trtl Nek'r December 30, 2011